Upcoming Events

I am reformulating my candles for release in Fall 2018!

Check back soon or follow me on instagram (@howlcandles) to find out what local events Howl Candles will be available at.

About The Candles

HOWL CANDLES are hand poured in Long Beach, CA with great care - in very small batches.

All of my candles and wax melts are are phthalate free, and are made from the highest quality wax.

About the Maker

I have always been a little bit of a lone wolf, a lover of night time, and to be honest - a little weird. As a child, I preferred to sleep basking in the moonlight, and listen to the sound of the forest surrounding my childhood home. This is when I felt most at peace.

I'm a pagan at my core - walks in the woods/cemeteries, witchcraft, candles, the moon, canines, nature, the occult, and the darker sides of things have always been more interesting to me than most other things in the world.

It seems natural and healthy that all of these interests would come together creatively at some point of my life and be an excellent venue for me to expel my frustrations with the modern world I constantly have one foot in the door of, and one out. The last few years have left me feeling a little trapped, and this venture serves as bit of an escape hatch.

Delving into the process of creating the scent combinations and design of these candles has been a wonderful opportunity to explore a side of myself that I usually only share with my closest friends, and I am proud to share my creations with the rest of you.

Custom Orders Available

Have a special request for a candle scent or style?

Contact us at shop@howlcandles.com and I will try my best to assist you.